Monday, September 26, 2011

The Roster

I am pleased to announce that as of this afternoon, the roster for TSFMIV is set. As usually we have an eclectic and exciting collection  of vendors, some returning and some newcomers, some represent shops and others are independent vendors. One thing they all have in common is a commitment to using their extensive picking skills to bring you high quality goods. There's no dirty work to do, 'cause they've already done it.

Amy and her gals are TSFM veterans, and they'll be back for round four with their usual wide selection of funky vintage finds for the ladies, and maybe even a bit for the men.
Another four time vet, Zach is specialist in vintage menswear, with an excyclopaedic knowledge of tailoring to match. Gents are sharper just for having spoken with him.
Ruth is a flea market and vintage show pro. In this her second appearancde at TSFM, she brings her unique combination of ladies vintage and current designer clothes that proves how ell new and old can play together.
Deb is also making a second appearance with us after having sat the last one out, and we're glad to have her back. Something for everyone at her booth, and plenty for the nest as well.
Stormy Arthur
One half of the team known as J&A Outfitters from last time. Bike stuff, camping stuff, tools, rugged clothing, and maybe a girlie mag or know, guy stuff, from when guys were really guys.
Raspberry beret showed us all the way at the maiden voyage of TSFM, and she's back again for round four. Vintage and designer ladies clothing with a particular cool streak, for the girl who didn;t think she could wear vintage.
If you come to this event, and you're literate, then you owe it to yourself to visit James of Swamp Rabbit Books. From super rare collectibles of exquisite quality and great scarcity, to cool books you can just read on the train, there's something for everyone.
So you thought you had some cool stuff in your kitchen and a hip decorating style? Well, maybe you do, but a visit with NimCo is a game changer. She'll help you discover a level of decorating skill you didn't know you had.
We're pleased to have Lisa of Glamour Puss with us. This years only TSFM rookie, her collection of hand-crafted jewelry fashioned of all manner of recycled vintage materials  is a knock-out in both it's beauty and workmanship, all at prices that won't make you cry.
Bobby from Boston
Vintage menswear godfather Bobby from Boston has been a TSFM supporter since day one, and he's back again with his usual mind blowing collection of merchandise. Recently voted Best Vintage Store in America by Esquire magazine. What more is there to say?
As usual, your humble author and organizer of TSFM is honored to bring you a collection of classic menswear which hopefully makes you feel like you've visited a mini version of the place where your grandfather used to shop.

It's quite a group we have here, so come early and stay late. They're will be a lot to look at, and you don't want to miss a thing, trust me.


  1. I've tired reaching out to AAW a few times, but I love what you're doing and only wish I could make it to Boston for the event! I gave you some advertising on my site, my audience isn't huge but I know every little bit can help!!


  2. I am confused about the time. Does is start at noon or at 3pm?