Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Although I literally still have a space heater blowing on my feet under my desk as I type this, here at Carmen and Ginger, we are thinking ahead to summer as we plan for the next Top Shelf Flea event!

Late 1960's Roxanne Suit in Medium/Large Size

We have been squirreling away any vintage swim and sun related items we have found all fall and winter and plan to debut them at the May 22nd event!  Those who attend get first dibs; after that anything left will go on-line.

No tag or mark on this vintage swim cap, but, it is a vintage beauty for sure!

1950's Roxanne Cotton Weave Belted Swimsuit Small/Medium Size

These vintage cotton suits are getting oh so hard to find!  I grabbed this beauty in a flash!  Please see the vintage cover-up below in a similar but not quite matching pattern.

Early 1960's Gabar Swimsuit in small/medium size.

The cotton cover-ups below were found at the same time as the blue and yellow swimsuits above.  They are adorable and perfect as beach cover-ups for your vintage swimsuits!

Stop by the Top Shelf Flea early to get first look at these summer beauties! Hope to see you there...

All vintage images used in this post are courtesy of the January 1956 Harper's Bazaar.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Carried Away...

For this spring's Top Shelf Flea, Carmen and Ginger is planning to bring a selection of lovely little handbags for spring and summer!

Beautiful pink, elegant navy (lined in deep red leather!) and a funky laced up bag in a great shape!

Love how the top of this blue bag is wider than the base; like the fins on a '57 Chevy! And who can go wrong with a bright yellow 60's box bag?

Awesome oversized navy handbag is sure to get you noticed! And this red one? Not only does it have this killer color, great clasp and multiple interior compartments, the handle adjusts to a shoulder strap length as well, oh my!

Come to visit us and get first dibs on these bags (none have been offered on line as of yet) Sunday, May 22 at the Top Shelf Flea!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Spring 2011 Top Shelf Flea Details!

Top Shelf Flea Market III
Sunday 22 May 2011
Noon till 6 p.m.

George Dilboy V.F.W. Post 529
371 Summer Street
Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144

The roster for the upcoming third semi-annual Top Shelf Flea Market is now set. We've got a good crop of returning favorites, plus a nice handful of newcomers to welcome aboard. It is my distinct pleasure to announce them here.

Artifaktori Vintage
Amy and Amanda of the Artifaktori vintage shop were two of my earliest boosters in the original Top Shelf Flea. They were on hand the first time out, and are returning for a third time. A great source for the ladies among you to stock up on stunning vintage that you didn't even know you liked.

Newton Street Vintage
Our man Zach is also returning for a third round. Since the last Top Shelf in October. he has launched his online shop. Check it out for an example of what you might find at his booth. Friendly and sharp as a tack, he's a great source of sartorial knowledge, as well as a good place to look for the elusive un-darted, hooked vent jacket so many of us revere.

The Red Velvet Shoe
Michelle is as nice a lady as you're likely to meet, with an impeccable vintage style and a great eye for what you need. The best in ladies vintage, with plenty of household chochkies to boot.

Carmen and Ginger
I tend to think of Christine of Carmen and Ginger and Michelle as something of a tag team. Both hailing from the Providence area, I was pleasantly surprised when they contacted me first time out. Christine's got some funky stuff, but it's the coolest, and all top quality. Something for everyone at her booth for sure.

NimCo Vintage Housewares
Good friend Nimco was a Top Shelf original, though she took a pass last time out. We're glad to have her back. Rest assured, any of you would kill to have her decorate so much as a corner of your house. Vintage enamelled cast iron cookery and other kitchen goods are a specialty...she's got more that all of France and Sweden combined.

Swamp Rabbit Books
First editions? Signed copies? Out of print oddities you never thought you'd find? No sweat for our man James. Bookworms, bring your cash.

Ruth and her friends have a passion for fashion...on the cheap...and they just love to pop up at events such as these. Visit their booth for a wide array of ladies designer clothing at a fraction of a fraction of the cost.

A&J Outfitters
Alexi is a guy I know who used to work in the local bike shop. Jason runs the outdoorsy blog eggs & wool...and also holds court at the venerable Hilton's Tent City in Boston. Between the two of them, they've got a lot of bike stuff, and camping stuff, and cool stuff. Some of it old, some of it not, all of it worthy.

Muriel of Fredricka calls her collection "eclectic". I call it impressive. Beautiful things for your home from bygone eras. Her stuff is legitimately antique. "None of that new stuff from the 60s" as she says. Lamps and light fixtures, milk glass, kitchen wares, handmade toys....the list goes on and on.

Bobby from Boston
When Bobby opted in for the first Flea, I was aghast. When he came for round two, I was floored. When he wanted in as a regular...I patted myself on the back. Bobby is the stuff of legend in the world of vintage menswear. Visit his miniature museum, close your eyes, and buy whatever your hand falls on. You simply can't miss.

An Affordable Wardrobe
Of course, yours truly will be there. Remember, this whole Top Shelf Flea thing started as a cockamamie idea to sell my own crap. I'm humbled by your attendance in the past, and I look forward to seeing many of you again this time.

Top Shelf Flea Market III
Sunday 22 May 2011
Noon till 6 p.m.

George Dilboy V.F.W. Post 529
371 Summer Street
Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144